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The grandmother

Do you know African cultures are at the verge of extinction. Do you know the Tonga people from Southern Africa

The Tonga people are a cultural community, but some of its cultural heritage is being lost. Some Tonga people are giving up traditional beliefs and practices such as polygamy, ancestor worship and witchcraft. On the other hand, the fact that many Tonga people, in the course of time, started moving in urban areas and started adapting themselves to a new life style negatively impacted their traditions and its not just The Tonga cultures been lost but overall African cultures, values, identity.

The production of local crafts such as baskets, beadwork, carving, among others. This helps preserve local traditional skills and also provides an alternative form of income to the people of the Southern Province of Zambia.

As EthelartConnect African artists it is our duty to make these cultures alive through visual imagery thus African art as they give you the African culture experience wherever you are.

Brian Khumalo is one of our young emerging artists who is more happier in sharing these Tonga African cultures. He is raising awareness about these beautiful cultures.

He said a friend of his asked him an honest question saying why does he paint too much women in his Tonga themes, Brian opted to answer him after a little research. Seems like women in the Tonga culture are in the for front of this practice: more than men!!.

This is a painting of Mbuya mudenda part 2, smoking ” incelwa” at her homestead in Binga.

To be part of the experience, the journey of the Tonga tribe cultures, learn, make your spaces beautiful and understand the African culture. Contact us and get yourself a good quality painting of the Tonga tribe, Be part of the African story telling.


Oil on canvas

15x 22 inches












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