Ethelartconnect Art Academy ( School of Talent skills enhancement)

Ethelart Connect (PVT) is an art organization that is there to groom talented individuals into professional Artists . Ethelartconnect founded an Art school that is there to teach all ages, making their raw talent shaped into skilled talent through teaching emanating naturally.


Ethelartconnect Art Academy (school of natural art skills enhancement) is to teach, impart knowledge on the skills needed for one’s talent to become globally marketed high-quality art. Our Art school does not require art gifted individuals to go under examinations like academic schools, we are there to see through a student who thinks or believes they are talented in art thus visual art (drawing, painting, craft, sculpture)


To promote, nurture, groom talented individuals to produce highly creative, innovative artwork that will help address the socio, economic, political discrepancies through imagery that empower communities.

To provide inclusiveness in the offering of Artistic high-quality education for all individuals without discrimination.

To realise, empower talents into acceptable professionals earning careers.


Embrace, promote, invest in art


To deliver diligently artistic skills thereby elevating natural art talents into skilled high rank noble, innovative, original, creative talents embraced by all










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Kids during and art lesson

Painting lessons have been exhibited

A student can also enrol on the E-learning online lessons under the advisement of stipulated times as agreed by the student. Home Tutoring is also available.

Art lessons Testimonials

For Physical Lessons, we offer weekly lessons from Monday to Saturday.Monday to Friday schedule (3 pm -5 pm). Saturdays start at 10 amends according to groups enrolled. A group enrollment consists of 5 students thereby giving students quality time with their Tutor. Only Two hours for the art lesson, one hour prescribed to teaching and engaging and another hour to practise.

A 70year old Lady, who though didn’t have what it takes to produce quality art from her raw talent, after 4 lessons, improved intensively and handed over artwork to a client. The first artwork she did, she never got skills it was a natural talent. Stages and how she ended up being after only 4 lessons through

Ethelartconnect Art academy Tutor online teaching. We urge all talented individuals to enrol, do not sit on their talent, empower yourself, enrol, earn a living through your talent all is needed is commitment, practice and dedication through enrolling with Ethelartconnect Art Academy. Basic Materials needed for beginners

HB pencils ,8B,eraser,bond papers ,ruler, razor blade /trimming knife /sharpeners ,tissues/cotton buds and masking tape .Other materials will be advised through the teaching process.

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