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Keith Zenda – Fine Artist

Born in 1985 I am a self -taught Fine Artist. As a 6yr old my talent for art was recognized by my Primary School in my birth town of Chirumanzu, Zimbabwe. I knew then already that I wanted to be an artist. I was born to paint! Through this process, I have travelled across borders to South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique Exhibiting locally and internationally, whilst also commissioned portraits of prominent individuals in Zimbabwe.

My inspiration comes from rural African life, the environment, people in general, religion and the complexities of the human condition ( Human rights, gender roles etc. ). I experiment widely in my subject matter, ranging from depicting children at play, the elderly, daily life, extending into African animal and wildlife. I express my identity through this creative process. The intention for my work to enable the audience to have a sense of being a part of African life, to feel pride and a sense of belonging. I allow experiences in the diverse depiction in my art of rural and towns life. Currently residing in Gweru, I have established an Art Centre. Teaching and uplifting our local community through art.

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