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Art Memoir for Simbarashe

Simbarashe Machona is a 29 years old man born on the 7th of January 1993. He grew up in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe a society where people did not appreciate much about art. His education up until college had been all about academic achievement and not an artistic achievement. His art is all self-taught even since elementary level at the age of 5 years.

Simbarashe’s passion for art was spotted a long time ago when he was 3 years old when he decided to sketch his dead father in a coffin during the funeral. Ever since the passion did not stop because of anything. Whether there was the availability of materials or not, Simbarashe always had to make beautiful art of whatever inspired him.
His inspiration also came from his older brother Gift Machona who taught him most of the basics. The gift was one of the most talented artists in the family. He kindly passed his art knowledge to his little brother.
Simbarashe’s art inspiration also comes from anything beautiful and abstract. His art is not limited to certain subjects but he is able to draw anything from portraits to cars to animals and even so much more. The scope of art is limitless.
Simbarashe’s art can be of any medium including pencil sketch drawings, acrylic or oil paintings, pastel, digital art and so much more.
His academic career consists of 8 Zimsec Ordinary ( Matric)level subjects, 4 Advanced level subjects, and a Diploma in Mathematics Education. Although these subjects may not be related to their artistic career his art tells a different story.

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