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The sky is the Limit

By Martina Kwenda

Kb’s is fascinated by nature which he calls “Gods creativity” and he says nature just inspires and drives his art.  So it not surprising that most of his work has nature as its core subject. He believes he was born an artist so for him art comes naturally as he can’t seem to remember a moment he wasn’t making it. In his own words, he says “Art eases my pain, Art makes me happy and Art completes me.” This sums up his whole love for art it’s almost as if art is his bloodline and he doesn’t know anything else except art.

His mother was his biggest supporter but as a believer in God doesn’t shut a  door without opening another as he believes God then blessed him with grandparents that support him completely. It seems as if he hasn’t had to struggle much in this field as it probably what he was called to or he doesn’t see them as obstacles but rather as stepping stones to his Greater Calling.

One of the hardest moments in life came in the form of South Africa who asked me to do a little project for him, on completion they blocked me on all social media platforms. That was a hardball to swallow but he simply just prayed and found refuge in God.

In 10 years he hopes he will own a huge media firm that does both art and graphic designing. The main focus will be supporting local artists as Ethelartconnect Enterprise has done for him. KB does a lot of Ethelart’s designs and is involved in their many projects is grateful for them for exposure and marketing.

His advice to upcoming is that once you take the first step in starting your journey believe in yourself as l can promise you it won’t be easy but with God all things are possible.

He says to the upcoming artists if you know that art is your destiny then don`t allow anything to stop keep the dream alive but doing whatever you need to do. He says he knows the journey will definitely not be easy but if you are a go-getter and have the blessings of God walking with you, you will make it no-matter what. ”So fellow artist take the first step

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    This is inspiring. Keep it up KB

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