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Father’s Day

Do you know #fathersday2022 around the corner, are you worried about what is the perfect gift to show love?

Art is an investment, art is a visual memory, and art is beautiful. When you get your own portrait done or loved ones, you have kept their existence vividly alive for more generations to acknowledge them. What are you waiting for, contact us, and give us the opportunity to help you carry on your existing legacy?

NB : Please note we don’t have the rights to the background music, the music it’s owned by #holy10.

In the video below we share with you the process of creating your art portraits, step by step. The hand behind the amazing portrait is that of one of our young emerging visual artists Tatenda. He comes from Chitungwiza Zimbabwe and aspires to be one of the big names in the global art industry. He is an art tutor, portrait artist, and African contemporary art painter.

Order now and your portrait will be done in less than a week, we aim to please. To see our catalog contact +263718515221 on whatsApp we deliver anywhere around the world.











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