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Best of Pencil art

Do you know, pencil art brings this black and white beauty, it’s not about the charcoal, graphite pencils used but it’s about the skill to detail bringing vividness and life to a sinakote paper into a masterpiece artwork. The most beautiful part about EthelartConnect we are young visual artists who spent most of their time investing it into detailed beautiful artworks which looks like photography, because we love to bring quality, love onto each art work we do.

Pieces attached below are for sale, done by a young man who resides in Kadoma Zimbabwe, who only has his pencils as his own source of living in a harsh economy. Let’s promote his talent by buying these artworks which are going at 200usd each, one bought artwork makes a huge difference

Contact us +263718515221 /email is we ship globally


Raccoon intelligence

Birds early forage

Fennec fox for the love and passion of art


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