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Art is life: Tanaka

In primary school, during art lessons, she would always outstand other students as her work was always displayed. That when she realized there was something special that comes alive when she holds a pencil and paper.

For Tanaka, the fact that she is able to put food on the table is beside the point but the feeling of knowing she can touch hearts through art is payment enough. Adding to that is the realization that lives can be changed with her work is mind-blogging enough that it gives purpose to her life.

One of the gravest moments she has ever experienced was losing all her equipment to floods. She decided to keep her cool and decide she could just use the 3 pencils she was left with instead of exhausting herself trying to recover what was lost and she realized that “Less is actually more.”

When asked what it feels like to be a woman in the art industry she simply chuckles and says that it’s more of an opportunity than a challenge. As she recalls many instances when people would doubt her because of her gender and how surprised they would be are after she produces something. Her art is so well defined and beautiful which is just proof that creativity holds no gender.” Of course, there are biases because of it but l don’t let that get to me as my artwork can do the talking for themselves.” She says.

The beauty of her paintings is that they almost always have a feminine touch to them and a person can easily know this was a woman. Then the exhilarating feeling comes when the reality on the audience’s face and surprise that a woman did this is priceless and she keeps getting better and better. In terms of motivation, she is motivated by anything surrounding her which could be a feeling, nature, or a person she is looking at at a particular moment in time. Then whatever she gets from that moment she simply just projects it on paper.

When she gets stuck while drawing she simply takes a 5-minute breather to unwind or rewind. In these breaks she could be easily be playing music, feeling the wind on her skin then she’s back with a fresher view and technique.

Her dream is to become a world-renowned artist and his work displayed all over the world and perhaps she might own her own gallery. So far she has won many annual prizes but is still yet to participate in Exhibitions. Through it all, she would choose art every time she is asked to start over.

To the upcoming artists, she says that they should always give it their all and if you struggle let all that you are feeling or desiring sink in, and eventually, it will blossom out of you.

When asked about the most ignored fact about art is she says people don’t often experience the therapeutic side of art they just experience the beauty of it and not the healing part of it. One needs to really dig deep in their soul and recognize the finer details and allow yourself to feel what the artist is trying to tell you.

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