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Against all odds: Gabriel

By Martina Kwenda (Ethelartconnect Creative Writer)

When you want to talk about determination, you are just defining this young artist, Gabriel. This young man has a beautiful soul that ignites so brightly when you bring about the topic of art. His specialty is oil graphite painting and you see the soul in his painting, He actually says “I believe that art is magic because of its ability to touch the soul of the viewer.”

Figure 2one race, that the human race

When asked what inspires him he simply says that his surroundings but most of it comes from the creativity within. He discovered his love of art at the tender age of 10 but took it professionally after high school. The beauty of it all is that he’s always believed in himself so authenticity has always been his answer to any question when it comes to his art.

He considered himself a very emotional being and believes you cannot be an artist when you are not in tough with your emotions. Being an emotional being he naturally gets very emotional as he remembers how far he has come when we ask about his struggles as an artist.  Words fail him when he think of his struggle of being accepted and appreciated for the man he is. He felt all kinds of emotions when people ridiculed him or simple ignored because he was disabled.

What saved him was his authenticity and self-awareness of what he could be that saved him from what could have been a dark place and anyone else would have given up.  He was then able to channel all this negativity and express it through art and that was soothing to the soul as art has the ability to heal and confront at the same time.  This self-belief and determination were brought to life through one of the best works in his painting titled “I’ll figure it out.”

 He’s a believer of Horoscope and says it’s by no mistake he is a Gemini he believes that is why he is creative and observant.

There was so much fire in his eyes when he’s thinking about the future. In terms of hopes and aspirations, he doesn’t ask for too much he just wants to see his artwork being showcased in renowned galleries at an international level.

 He’s grateful to Ethelartconnect for the marketing and opening opportunities yet. This will not be the last you hear of him his going to reach greater heights. He says it is hard to be an artist and when you disable the odds are against you more often than not so to have a company that gives you ample opportunity and a platform is mindboggling so he will forever be grateful.

He is a living testimony that you can be or do whatever you set your mind to. His advice to the fellow artist is “Pray to God for leadership and keep dreaming but think different”

His other works include “I loved her first” and “One race, that human race”

By Martina Kwenda

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