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A unique story: Marshy

By Martina Kwenda (Ethelartconnect Creative Writer)

Let’s make Art Whirl around like a healing hand.”

  • Marshal Chauke Matose

If these words don’t make your heartache then I don’t know what will, they touched me so deeply I almost cried. Marshal Chauke Matose at the age of 23 has already adopted the attitude of a true Master as this is what he has to say to all fellow artists, rising or upcoming. He even now has a trademark name amongst his peers which is “The Great Painter”

Marshal a water-colorist is a man of a few words but speaks great volumes in his artworks on a daily basis. Apparently, he finds inspiration from what he experiences daily with nature He believes each God-given day is filled with mystery and there is always something to appreciate.

The main agenda for his paintings are in creating oneness with nature as he believes that Mother Nature “in her inmost eyes sees how we love her through art.” Marshal says that he remembers his very first paint vividly because it was inspired by a vision he had but he created the piece after talking to his Grandmother based in the United Kingdom.

The vision was of him wearing a heavy and touching sound that had a crystallizing effect on his ears. He didn’t understand till he closed his eyes and tried expressing it through painting and thus he named it “The Little Robin”. I guess it was this crystalizing that influences his becoming a water-colorist.

He is very grateful to his grandmother who bought him his first piece of equipment and stood by him till he was able to afford to buy them on his own. He is also grateful to his friends all over Europe that help him a lot so he can create his art.

On the struggles of being an artist, he says it’s hard to have to accept the reality of not making consistent sales. It’s very hard because that his only source of income but he believes in God’s timing and is sure his time will come.

When asked where he sees himself in the next five to ten years he had an unusual and interesting answer. He just says that he doesn’t really have anything specific he just hopes his hard work, determination, and faith will see him through.

Marshal has done a lot of exhibition and is still amazed at how he got as lucky to perform at some of the huge exhibition he performed. He says you can’t help but accredit it all to God because it doesn’t make sense. For example, he is an Ethelartconnect Enterprises building artist meaning he does a live drawing of the building where an exhibition is done and the drawing is then given gist to the hosts.

To his fellow artist, he says that they should keep on keeping on no matter what and that they should appreciate even the small wins.

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