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A  letter  for  the  upcoming  artist!! 

By Martina Kwenda (Ethelartconnect Creative Writer)

Are you an upcoming artist and you wondering if what you are doing is the right thing? Well, am here to tell you don’t fret you are on the right path. The good news is you are not alone most artworks that are now Masterpieces were not received well at first. The most important thing to remember is speaking your truth don’t just paint or draw. Art needs a level of freedom and carelessness not to worry about what people think but draw them in by telling the story as it is. Art can be appreciated with time because it requires a bit of soul searching for the viewer and most times they don’t even know it.

Another important thing is you should know your colors, they are a powerful tool when telling a story. The color of your painting or drawing sets the mood. Colour can make a painting tranquil or vibrant, dramatic or stark. The focus is on you this is the only place where your voice matters and you let out the pain, join, frustration, or ecstatic feeling you have and no one can take it away. Long after you are gone your artwork will still tell your story. So you need to make sure it tells the story you want to tell.

Now that you know confidence and self-belief are a requirement now l need you to remind yourself of something. Whenever you sit down to create your work l want you to close your eyes and envision the message you want to convey then draw it as you imagined. The brush or pen is a powerful tool and a dangerous one if it falls into the wrongs hands. Right now you can paint or draw anything beyond what you could imagine if you just get in touch with your feelings. Do not hesitate if you do look for inspiration elsewhere and draw or paint. Another way to gather motivation is to look at other artists and even read on the big names in the industry and you gain wisdom and companionship. Dreams and desired realities can be made plausible in a painting or drawing so let your inhibitions run and show it with your brush or pencil.

Yes, you can and you will because “ Success is just an attitude if you believe you can or cannot you are right.” Remember yours is a rare gift that most can never have so don’t deprive the world of the greatness in you!

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